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Professional SEO Guidance for Pet Professionals and All Small Businesses


I’m Amy Toman, a professional SEO since 2017, and a Google Diamond Product Expert for Google Business Profiles. I assist pet care and other small businesses with optimizing their online presence to bring in more traffic and leads through experienced knowledge guidance.

My goal is to help all local businesses achieve the best possible position in search results. I want all pet pros to have websites that present their businesses as friendly, competent and knowledgeable. And I want them to get these sites with little or no stress. I do this by offering the following services:

Website SEO Evaluations 

Audits of your site’s structure, design, content and speed that gives your a roadmap for changes that will help you gain more visibility. Do you have the most successful pages for pet sitters? Is your contact info where it needs to be? What are internal links, why do you need them, and where should they appear? These 15ish page reports fill you in on this and more. If you’re looking to raise the ranking of your website, this report by a professional SEO is the best option. Learn more about my website SEO audits here.

Google Business Profile Action Plans

This service reviews your listing’s basic information and then guides you on the more advanced options. Is your title optimized (and compliant with Google’s Terms of Service)? Should you be requesting more reviews? how often should you be posting new images, and what should be seen in those images? I not only answer these on your current listing, but tell you how to operate going forward. I outline a campaign that YOU control and that will bring you results. See more details of my Google Business Profile Action Plans here.

Google Business Profile Reinstatements

Has your listing been suspended? Or is it otherwise not appearing as you expect it to? If you’ve done all you can and need it fixed, I may be able to help. I am a Diamond Google Product Expert, which means I’m a top contributor on the Google listing help forum. Because of this, I can not only help you apply for reinstatement, but I may be able to follow through with Google humans if there are any bumps along the way (like Google denies reinstatement). I will assess your situation, help you present accurate supporting documentation, and follow through with Google when necesssary. If your listing absolutely cannot be reinstated, I’ll help you create a new listing and optimize it from the start. Contact me directly with details of your situation.

If your website isn’t working… If you’re not getting enough visitors… If you did your site yourself and you’re at the end of your rope… If you just need guidance to know if you’re doing it right… Please contact me and I will help fix your site with as little stress as possible. I love newbies, non-techies, and those who hate marketing but know they need it.  Patience is my forte!   : )

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