Broken links are a pain, aren’t they? You look around a site, they link to something fun, and when you click, you land at a 404 page. Disappointing, right? Well Google doesn’t think site visitors should have that experience, so if they find broken links on websites, they are not happy and this affects that site’s placement in search results.

But how do you make your site better? How do you find broken links before your visitors (or Google) does? Especially if your site has been online for awhile and you have a lot of posts? Never fear, Broken Link Checker is here!

This tool is easy to use, and the results are very easy to work with. It not only crawls your site for broken links, but it tells you how many you have (if any), what they are (the specific links), and on which page they may be found. The only thing left for you is to follow their direction and edit or remove the bad links!

To use this cool tool, enter your URL in the top field (enter ONLY [] and not the https or the www part). Then enter the security code, and click the Find Broken Links Now button. The site will then do its job.

Broken Link Check How to Use

If you’re lucky and you’ve done your job well, it will find no bad links, but if it does, follow the URL listed to see how you can fix things.

Broken Link Checker result. No broken links!I checked my page and was so happy to see this.



*** If you need help removing or editing broken links on your site, or for any other services, please contact me at or call me at (732) 820-0103