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Gmail being read on a laptopYou need your domain email address on your website; that’s a fact. Displaying any other address makes you look less than the professional you are, or that you want to be.

But once those emails start coming to you, how do you read them? Do you go to your host, or can you log in through your phone? Is there an app that gets you there efficiently?

And oh my… what happens to your messages if your domain goes down? You may lose those messages, and if you don’t have them backed up anywhere, you could be in real trouble.

Gmail to the rescue!

This great email platform will fetch your messages automatically, which not only creates a backup, but allows you to read and respond to messages in an easy interface. For example, every message you send to me at is read by me in my Gmail account. I respond from there as well, but you’d never know it, because your response also comes from amy@petsitterseo. This is the magic of Gmail!

The Business Email in Gmail service will set up your Gmail account to receive your domain emails. When done, you will be able to read your domain emails in your normal Gmail feed, and your responses will appear as though they come from your domain email account.

For this service, you will need to submit your host email address, account name and password, and your Gmail account name and password (all of which can be changed later).

$40 per setup. Please write or phone me so we may get started today!  Suggested service: WordPress Backup Plan

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