Pet Sitter SEO LogoWhen you’re looking to add a new color scheme to your site, sometimes you just can’t think of what color to add. Should you just stick with the ones in your logo? And what if your logo is just one color (like mine)? is a great site that will help you identify colors that match your scheme. Before you use it, I would read this post, which explains about hex codes (which is what needs from you to work).

I’ve used Coolors many times, and I love how easy it is to operate. In the field at the left, you hover over the current hex code (this is a good tool if you don’t have your codes any more) and enter the code color you’d like to match. You then hover over and click the “lock” above it. Then press your space bar. Wooooo, magic! The other color bars change to match the one you entered.

If you like one that’s been presented, “lock” that one and move on. You can continue to do this until you have your colors or you’ve exhausted the five fields they offer.

Coolors is a great and EASY tool. I hope you have fun with it!

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