What do I do for websites, you ask? It’s  simple: through basic edits, I help your site rise higher in search results, which should bring you more business!

Below are some more questions which might help you. If you need to know something more, please write me at Amy@petsitterseo.com or call me on 732 820-0103.


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the method used to help websites gain higher placement in search results. There are many different parts to this, and having them in place helps your site gain more visibility.

How do you help me get more website visitors?

To help you gain more traffic, the most important thing I offer is a Website SEO Report. I look at your site’s structure and content (including images) and offer changes that will help you work with the search engines. I also help optimizing your Google My Business listing, which is an essential tool for directing visitors to your site. Together, these help you make better use of your website, and tell the search engines you are a professional with a good, interesting, site.

Do I have to give you my passwords?

do not need your passwords for Website SEO Evaluations or Google My Business listing optimization audits. If you need me to do something else, feel free to email me to check first: Amy@petsitterseo.com.

I just want to bring in more business. How can you help me?

I will help by getting your site structured correctly, and showing you where to put the most important information. I’ll also help you edit or update your Google My Business listing, which is the best way to make sure Google sends visitors your way. My reports show you what should be done, and if you need help, I can do this for you too. There are many small parts to the SEO puzzle. I will help you get them all in place.

I’m really busy. Do I need to sit down and talk with you for you to work on my site?

Most often, no. I will request the info or content or passwords I need, and I’ll ask questions if necessary, but telephone conferences are generally not needed. I do 99% of my interactions through email and private messages. You care for pets and let me do the tech stuff. Make us both happy! 


Can you check out my site before I launch it?

Yes. I can look at your site to make sure that it is using good methods of SEO. I will provide you a report that you can then share with your designer (or work on yourself). My recommendations are simple and easy to understand.


Why is a Google My Business listing so important? Why do I need one?


Google My Business listings are vital to your being seen in search results, especially since Google uses the information you’ve shared there decide where your site comes up in search results. It’s also a great thing for potential clients: if they see your listing in a big box, with your logo, your photos, and your service area, they can make a quick decision about you. ALSO, if you don’t take control of your listing, someone else may, with inaccurate info or pictures or reviews that shouldn’t be there. Soooooo… yes, GMB listings are VERY important, and yes, you need one.

Can you edit my Google My Business listing?

Yes. I will need your Google account login information and will make the changes your request, or I can look at your listing and make recommendations to you that you can implement. Information on both is included here. 

Can you just upload photos to my site for me?

Yes! I’ll upload them and make sure they have nice alt text. You will need to send me the pics and your login information. 

I can’t reach my designer. Can you show me how to edit my site myself?

Probably, yes! Most of my experience and training has been in WordPress, and I’ve also worked in 1and1.com, Dreamhost, GoDaddy, Weebly, and Wix. I’m also building up my HTML5 skills, so I may be able to help  there as well. I also enjoy teaching others, so I’m fine with writing up simple easy-to-follow directions for how to do things like logging into a site, editing a page, or uploading a photo. Try me, you never know what I may be able to help with!

I don’t update my site much. Can you help me update my site without being judgemental?

Yes. I know you have a lot of other things going on, like caring for your business. Your website is probably NOT a top priority. But it doesneed to be updated occasionally, to keep it current, and to keep business coming in. I am not judgemental; if you want something updated, changed, deleted, or moved, as long as it’s a platform that I know, I am happy to do it. I love beginners, non-techies and folks who have no time to deal with tech stuff. ❤ ❤


I have a dumb question. May I send it to you?

Sure! I love questions and I usually learn from them. Just send an email to me at Amy@PetsitterSEO.com and I’ll get back to you!