Google My Business Listing Optimization Report

Now known as Google My Business Action Plan!

Google My Business listing on phoneYour Google My Business listing is the cornerstone of your business’s web visibility. These listings have become so complete that they attract clients who connect you directly from this listing, often bypassing your website. Your GMB therefore really needs to properly represent you and your business.

But how should you best optimize your pet business Google listing? And how can you protect it from competitors who try to get your listing suspended? That’s where this report comes in.

I look at every aspect of your listing, from your title (does it have spammy terms that attract spam hunters?), to your address (should it show?) to your photos (how many photos should there be?).
Bar none, THE best thing you can do for your business, even if you don’t have a website, is have an optimized Google My Business listing. This report guides you to create the best one for your business.

The Google My Business Action Plan will review:

  • Listing title (proper form and recommendations for future)
  • Address, phone (correct form, how to ward off Google suspensions)
  • Categories (making sure you’re using the best for the services you provide)
  • Business description (the best content, in the best order)
  • Images (proper subjects that best show off your business)
  • Reviews (with more resources than you ever expected, all for getting the best reviews for your business)
  • Posts, Services, and Products that will benefit your business

Your report

Your .pdf report will contain clear direction on what changes to implement, with illustrations and resources to learn more. Most recent reports are 10+ pages.

Especially helpful is a customized schedule that explains how often to upload, respond and post to your listing. So no guessing on your part!

$125 per listing.  Please write to me at [email protected] or phone me at 732 820-0103 so we can get started today!