I’m a big fan of Google and their efforts to make search, and web use overall, more user-friendly. But sometimes, they present us with tools that have so many facets, you really need someone to do the research for you.

I was recently a guest on Therese Kopiwoda’s Facebook page. Therese is The Social Media Hound, and offers website and social media consulting services. She and I discussed all aspects of Google Business (GB) listings and how to use them to your advantage. The listings have quite a few positive aspects, and a few you need to keep an eye on.

GB listings are great tools for small businesses. Google deems them to be so important that if you don’t create your own listing, someone else may do it for you. You should therefore do as much as possible to keep control of your listing.

Our chat covers everything from where to create your listing, how to verify it, and the various parts that you need to keep an eye on. We also mention a bit about how you should title your business to catch the eye of local customers.

Take a look at our video, and if you have any questions about your Google Business listing, please contact me at Amy@petsitterseo.com or call me at (732) 820-0103.