Pre-Launch Evaluation


Are you designing your site yourself? Are you using a template at a big hosting company, and don’t know if what you did is correct, and if what you created attract customers?  I can help!

My pre-launch evaluation will tell you what you’ve done right, and what you still need to do. It will tell you what pages you should still add, and where images should be placed. It will tell you if your site is mobile ready, and what to do if it’s not. It will tell you if there are space limitations, and what Google looks for when deciding where you’ll land in search results. It will also tell you if you’ve described your page well enough to attract the attention of new clients.

The pre-launch report looks at:

Google My Business listing (do you have one, and how to optimize it)
Domain registration info (how long it is and if you should extend it)
Best positioning of contact info
Correct use of pages and navigation
URL design
Images (do you have enough? are they the best for the page?)
Title tags (what are they and what should they say?)
Meta descriptions (what are they and how can I use they to my advantage?)
Key word usage
Blogs (why and how to do one; best design practices)

It doesn’t matter if your site is live or if you’re in the pre-launch phase; I will look at it and treat your creation with kid gloves.

Note 1: I do not need access to your login info to perform this evaluation.

Note 2: The difference between this evaluation and my website evaluation is that this one concentrates more on design issues that are common on constructed by individuals. It also gives more instruction on how to fix issues.



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Amy Toman
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