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We are (soooo) happy to present recent reviews from our clients:

Personally I just consult with Amy tell her my needs and goals. From there she takes a look around and makes suggestions what I can do to improve or gives me option for her to do it. All of her ideas and fixing my SEO rankings have caused instant flow. I still have up and down days, but I have noticed after she has been on working on my page I get a lot of new client calls. I like that she is always educating herself and staying up to date on techy trends that help us. I hate all things computers and technology so if it were up to be I’d be hopeless. I fully trust Amy with my login details of anything and she works her magic. So far she has never lead me wrong. She is also very understanding of budgeting and works at a pace that is right for you and your business. She is a very valuable asset for your company! I have never met her in person (sadly) I met her though other groups and networking with other pet sitting tech gurus. She is one of my constants that I can always trust. She never makes me feel like I’m bugging her even when I’m in a panic or if someone else screws something up. She is always so kind, calm, understanding and guides me to the solution. I have never been let down by her knowledge. I would recommend reaching out to her (she has never bugged me about signing up for services if I ask her questions so don’t think you’ll be hounded if you reach out to her) and tell her your goals and needs. Tell her what you don’t like and what you do like. She will look at your page and come up with a plan or the service that is best for you. – Brooke Rozell on Facebook (comment)

Amy is all in when it comes to keeping on top anything related to SEO and Google Business pages! She is constantly learning, takes pride in her work, and truly wants to do what she can to help improve her clients’ websites. When you work with Amy, you can be sure you’re working with someone who is ethical and will make suggestions that are in line with practices Google (and other search engines) approve of. – Therese Kopiwoda on Facebook


Amy, thank you for your help with my pet sitting site!! The SEO changes boosted my placement in about a week. Say whaaaat?! Two new clients found me in that time and for that I’m grateful to you. Looking forward to more inquiries because of your hard work on my site! – Tomika Bruen on Facebook


The wealth of knowledge and the detailed report I received was well worth it. She loves what she does, and it shows. I am so happy we touched based, and will definitely use her services more! I can’t say enough good things. Thank You!! – Barbie Klapp on Facebook


We hired Amy to help us grow our business, and she certainly exceeded our expectations. She responds promptly to emails, her SEO review was thorough and completed quickly, and she gave us so many tips to improve our online presence. We are so happy with Amy’s service, and we will continue to rely on her advice and knowledge as our business grows. – Intrepid Tails on Google


Provided detailed SEO review for our website, with easy to understand action steps, links to valuable resources, utilize to take action.. Amy’s SEO service so valuable to pet sitters , not only is she expert in SEO but she also has real good practical knowledge of pet sitting industry. We benefited right away from her SEO work on our website. I highly recommend her Pet Sitter SEO service… – Jay Pattiz on Google


Amy does a great job. Not only did she identify MANY areas for improvement on my website (SEO and design flaws), but she also helped me with other technical problems. Her rates are very affordable, too! And, she is super friendly, prompt in her response time, and has a Can-Do attitude. I love working with Amy and she has been a great help! – Julie Frederick on Google


Thank you so much Amy for the great advice with my pet sitting company. You have help me be so knowledgeable about how SEO works and the back office of my site. I had so many questions and you ace your honest advice from a customer stand point. I look forward to working with you so much more in the future. Mahalo ( Thank You ) – Lita L. on Google


Amy has a unique understanding of the pet care professional world. She has the ability to take an often confusing topic like SEO and put it in a context that even those who aren’t tech savvy can understand and directly relates it our industry! I highly recommend her to all my consulting clients! She’s approachable, affordable and a true professional! – Cindy Vet on Google


Amy’s report was fantastic – very organized, explained the issues and their importance, and I love that her recommendations were things I could do myself. 1 month after making the changes, I’ve gotten more new clients than any month since I started my business and the majority of them came from web searches. – Leah Henning on Google


Amy’s expertise in websites, SEO services, computers, smartphone applications, Google, pictures, and more is endless. She gives you very personal service. I highly recommend her for any business owner, starting a business and personal use. She cares about her clients tremendously she goes above and beyond and will surely exceed your expectations. – Nancy Z on Google


Provides great information, easy to understand. Thanks.  – Tonja Osborne on Facebook


Amy did a great job helping me improve my website. Her report was clear and had good instructions. I started making the recommended changes and my website looks better and is ranking better already. I couldn’t be happier!  – Leah Henning on Facebook


Super helpful!!! Has lots of great knowledge and information!!!  – April Ambron on Facebook


I have to say that I have used Amy SEO services several times and have not been disappointed. Amy has help with quite a few projects and she is always willing to go that extra mile. Even when I just have a question to ask her and get some advice she always is available and willing to help. Thank you Amy for always being there and willing to help me.  – Maureen McCarthy on Google


Words can’t express how much this helps! I am so thankful!  – Tara Stout on Facebook


Amy is Very Knowledgeable in The Pet Industry. I have been working with Amy for Years and I have never been disappointed with anything. Amy is Always willing to help and Teach Me New Things. I Wish You The Best Of Lucky and Much Success in Doing what makes you Happy.

Thank-You For All That You Do For Me !!  – Deborah S. Alling on Facebook


Amy has changed my company for the better! When I first signed on with PetSittingology I didn’t do much with my site. After I got motivated to get it done (I’m tech dumb) I was put in contact with Amy. She step by step hour by hour helped me with every part of revamping my site. From the verbiage, to placement of photos, and the names/pages/tabs to add I couldn’t have done it without Amy. Within days of getting it in place (and I still have some pages I need to complete) my phone was nonstop ringing with people finding me on Google and raving about my website! Amy is so quick to respond every time I have a question, need to add a pet sitter, or even when I need to just ask her if she’d skim my site and see if I need to change things. She has been there every step along the way and always makes my dumb questions feel welcome. When she doesn’t know something I ask … she finds out and gets right back to me in a timely manner. I couldn’t be happier to know Amy and have her on my back-office web team!!  – Brooke Teague Rozell


The wealth of knowledge and the detailed report I received was well worth it. She loves what she does, and it shows. I am so happy we touched based, and will definitely use her services more! I can’t say enough good things. Thank You!!!  – Barbie Klapp on Facebook


I would highly recommend Amy. She puts her heart and soul into everything that she does. I have had the opportunity to ask her many questions….if she doesn’t have the answer, she finds it. She has taught and learned a lot about optimizing your website and understanding SEO. She has a clear understanding of our industry which is such a plus……You will not be disappointed.  – Pamela Ranheim on Facebook


Amy goes out of her way to help those of us in the industry better understand what SEO is all about! She takes the scary big bad wolf of SEO and makes it easier to tackle and put into client friendly content. Highly recommend her for my mentoring/coaching clients!  – Cindy Vet on Facebook


Amy goes above and beyond to make sure your website works for you. She has always been a answer away from all my numerous questions I am so grateful she has come into my life! She really deserves more than 5 stars – Kristinne Kilpatrick on Facebook


I’m Honored to be the 1st Review for Amy. I have yet to meet Amy in person. We met a Few years ago Per Phone and Computers. I think I have given Amy a run for her Money and she always digs right in there and goes above and beyond for me.I have had only Great Experience with her and know she will go to the Moon and Back For Me.Thank- You for all you do. – Deborah Alling on Google



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