Website SEO Evaluation


SEO spelled out in Scrabble letters for an SEO evaluationIt’s not easy to keep up with current search engine optimization (SEO) trends, especially if you concentrate on other things (like your business). You’re an expert in your field, and you need to keep up with that. But as a business owner, you should make sure your website is attracting enough business. That’s where this evaluation comes in.

My website evaluation gives you a clear roadmap for changes that will help your site rise higher in search results. I explain the issues I find, and provide links when needed. I’m also available if you need an explanation of the report.

In my report I look at the following areas:

Best positioning of contact info
Page load speed
Broken links
– full list included
Images (subjects, alt text, missing)
– full list included as needed
Pages and navigation (do you have the pages you need?)
Title tags (length, keyword usage)
– full list included
Meta descriptions (length, keyword usage)
– full list included
Page content and design
Internal linking
Location pages
Services pages
Header content
Footer content
Local optimization

Upon request, I will include special tactics for greater visibility for your services and/or larger or different geographic areas.

Note: I do not need to log into your website to perform this evaluation.

Website evaluations start at $375, but are subject to evaluation to consider all unique elements. Amy provides rates upon request.


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