Resizing images for web pages should be easy. And I don’t mean compressing images, I mean making them smaller so they fit nicely on a page. That should be easy, right? Not always. It’s terribly frustrating to look at all the image editing tools out there and not find one that can do the job without stress. But then I stumbled onto Canva Photo Editor, which is a great solution!

What is Canva Photo Editor?

A standalone tool from the makers of Canva (the really cool tool I use to create graphics), Canva Photo Editor is an easy-to-use photo tool that will resize your images quickly and accurately. There are many other options, like flip, rotate, filters, and rotate, but I like the resize tool the best. It allows you to change the dimensions to preset shapes, to dimensions you enter (so numbers), or you can change the size manually.

How will this help me with the resizing on my site?

By having a simple tool, you can more easily change the size of images and graphics you place on your site. And it’s time saving, too. I was just able to edit the size of an image in almost no time, then download it, then upload it to a site, all within a few minutes!

Where can I find Canva Photo Editor?

Happily, Canva Photo Editor has a website, so it doesn’t need to be downloaded. It’s also free to use (yes!) and downloading your finished projects is easy. I know that the main Canva tool has a mobile app, but this one does not.

Bottom Line:

Canva Photo Editor is a standalone tool that really helps with your image editing, and specifically your resizing chores. It is available for free on a website (although no mobile app). It has a simple upload tool, many different editing options, and the resize tool is one of the best out there.

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