The categories in Google My Business listings are critical to your business getting the attention it deserves.

What are categories?

Categories are one or two words that describe what your business does. They help Google forward potential searchers to your business, so you need to be as specific as they allow. For example, if you say you are a pet sitter, you may get inquiries about other areas of pet care. So be as specific as possible.

Where do I add them?

Log in to your Google My Business listing’s dashboard, and click Info. On the next screen, look under your listing name. Click the pencil next to your current category and another screen will come up. That’s where you add / delete / edit your categories.

Categories showing in GMB

How many may I use?

My research says that although you can add up to ten (!!), the optimal number is three. So make sure you’re choosing correctly.

Which ones are available?

The following are available as of today (9/26/2018):


  • Cat hostel (Google’s closest translation: day care)
  • Cattery (Google’s closest: overnight stays)


  • Dog cafe
  • Dog park
  • Dog hostel
  • Dog walker
  • Dog breeder
  • Dog trainer
  • Dog day care center


  • Pet store
  • Pet sitter
  • Pet groomer
  • Pet trainer
  • Pet cemetery
  • Pet supply store
  • Pet moving service
  • Pet funeral service
  • Pet adoption service
  • Pet boarding service
  • Pet friendly accomodation

Which ones SHOULD be available?

My clients would most benefit from having equivalent cat categories to those that are available for dogs. I’ve heard from many of you, and in response, I ask that if you work with cats or are cats-only, you tweet to @GoogleMyBiz or post in the Google My Business forum asking how to get specific new categories added. I also did a Facebook Live on May 8 entitled CAT PEOPLE UNITE that shows you why this is important, with a call to action (tweeting or posting, as above). I hope you join us in this effort!

Bottom Line

Google My Business listings are the heart and soul of your online presence. Choose categories that best fit your business, so the search engine can properly match you with search inquiries.

If you need help with your Google Business listing, contact me at or call or text me on 732 820-0103.