Having matching colors on your website is essential to keeping visitors interested. Scary sites with wild colors are no longer the thing (if they ever were, that is). Colors should be chosen with balance in mind, and while I’m no artiste, I know a calm site when I see one (as do you, I’m sure). Calm and cohesive sites also appear to be more professional, which is what we all want.

What are hex codes?

To create a color scheme that works, or update your current scheme, you need to change the colors of elements like page titles, or borders, or backgrounds. To do that, you need to know the hex code of the new color. Hex codes are six-digit combinations that tell browsers what colors to display (more in-depth description here). These codes are essential, and you don’t want to approximate them.

How do I find the matching colors used in my logo (or site)?

If your designer gave you a list of the codes on your site, you should retain that list and make use of it. If they did not do that for you, my favorite tool for finding hex codes is Image Color Picker. This site has an easy interface that gives you all the info you need to add (or change) a color on your site.

Image upload button for Image Color Picker toolTo use this tool, you upload the image you want to match to (your logo, usually) and the image will then be visible on the right side of the screen. To get the color codes, hover over the different areas of your logo and click on the color you’d like to know about. You will then be presented with the hex, RGB and HSV codes of the matching color that can be used on your site. (Hex is the one used most often by builders)

Image Color Picker and why it’s great

I’ve found this tool to be very accurate, meaning that while a color may be a shade off, the results are close enough to work on websites. For example, my logo uses blue 5c8acc (as per the designer). Image Color Picker tells me the matching color is 5c89cc, which is incredibly close when viewed together.

I’ve used this tool to not only color this site, but when designing my business cards and ads. I’ve also used it to find matching colors to complement my graphics. It’s just that good.

Bottom Line:

Using matching colors on your site is a great way to keep it looking professional, which helps keep visitors on your website. Image Color Picker is an easy-to-use tool that helps you to find the hex codes for any image you upload; you can then use those codes on your site for a more cohesive look.


*** If you need help finding the hex codes for images, or for any other services, please contact me at Amy@petsitterseo.com or call or text me on (732) 820-0103