Keywords are the terms you want to be known for, and they should appear on on the pages of your site.

But once you have your page ready (or if it’s already posted), how do you know how many times you’ve actually used a keyword on a page?

There are two easy ways to check these out.

1. (This works best on desktop) Have the page you want on your screen, then hold down the ctrl button on your keyboard and hit the F key. A little box will appear. In that box, type in the keyword you’re looking for, press enter, and it should not only show you how many times that term is used, but if you press the arrows, it’ll show you exactly where on the page the term appears. This works on every page of every website you may use, but it has its drawbacks in that it only presents results based on the keywords you input. There is a better way though…

2. Use a keyword tool like SEOBook’s Keyword Anaylzyer ( This great tool lets you see, in a clean, easy format, what words show up on website page. Once you’re on their page, in the white box, type in your webpage address, but leave off the www and the https, like this:

Sample of how to use Keyword Density Analyzer

Then press the blue submit button. It will then present you with a neat list of the words used on that page, and the number of times they’re used.

SEOBook return result on keywords for

Once you can see which words are used on your pages, you can decide whether you need to change anything. My usually recommendation is to make sure that the animals you target (cats, dogs, koalas, zebras) appear at least once on each page.

Note: this tool works for one page at a time; if you want to know about your entire site, you’ll need to evaluate each page individually.

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