Have you ever wanted to see the search results for your site the way searchers see them? Is there a way to see these without searching for every single page on your site? Yes! Google has a great solution for you!


To view a site’s pages, or more specifically, their page titles (“title tags”) and descriptions (“meta descriptions”), use Google and type this into your search box:  site:[domain name dot com] as see here:

Google Search on site petsitterseo.com

This will result in a list of the pages Google sees for your site. The page will look like standard search results, but will only list results for the site you enter.

Results of site search for petsitter seo

These searches are great for finding inconsistencies (like the title tag for my About page) and where your title tags or meta descriptions run too long (like on my Services page). They’re also great for researching your competition. And just to note, I’ve fixed the above inconsistencies as a result of preparing this post!

Site: searches are a simple way to knowing what your visitors see, and when the info is presented, you should be critical of what’s there. Is your info eye-catching? Do your title tags list the name of the page first? Do you have key words in your title tags, or in your meta descriptions? Are your meta descriptions pertinent to their page? AND are both of them within viewable limits (60 characters for titles, and 150 for metas)? While it may occasionally be good to have them run long, it’s not eye catching for clients in the long run.

Bottom Line:

If you’ll be updating your website, site: searches are the most efficient way to see how your site is viewed by searchers.

If you need help updating your title tags, meta descriptions, or anything else on your site, please write me at amy@petsitterseo.com or call or text me at 732 820-0103.