Reviews are essential to your site’s visibilty, and’s review link generator has been my tool of choice for a while. It has a simple interface, and before you begin seeking a link, it explains how to proceed and even explains why exactly you need reviews. Soooooo… I’m just going to proceed like I didn’t write that, and tell you why you need reviews, and why’s tool is the way to get them. !!

Why do I need reviews?

There are two reasons you need reviews for your business. The first is because potential clients see them. When they search for you or your service on Google, if all goes well, they will see your Google Business listing (which is the most prominent review to be shown) and those stars and the number next to it are quite enticing. They’ll probably judge you partially due to the number of stars you have and the number of reviews that you’ve received.

Screenshot of Pet Sitter SEO's Google Reviews 5 star ratings

The second reason you need them is because based on research, “reviews correlate with rankings.” That means that businesses with consistently good reviews also have consistently higher placement in Google search results. And to be honest, reviews of any sort are more likely to get the attention of Google and site visitors. Don’t you read reviews?

NOTE: This tool links specifically to Google Business listings. To use it you must have a Google Business listing WITH your address showing. If you do not have this, you should seriously consider getting one by starting here.

What constitutes a “good” review?

This is a tough question, as we don’t know Google’s actual guidelines, but educated guesses have been proposed. The reviews that help you the most include your keywords (cats, dogs, litter box, hiking, …), location (yes, location!) and feature a positive tone (!). Yes, the Google machine now analyzes reviews to find those items and uses them to place you accordingly.

How can I make it easy for my clients to review me?

To get reviews, you usually need to ask for them. And clients are often busy and are more willing to help if you hand them a direct link to your reviews page. Since reviews on Google My Business are the ones Google search looks at, that’s where you want your reviews. But it’s often hard to explain how to get to your Google My Business. So by using a review link generator to get a shortlink, you are making it easier for them (which will hopefully lead to them writing a review).

What IS a review link generator?

A review link generator creates a direct link to a page, and in this case, to your Google Business listing. These links go directly to your listing, and if it’s a good one like’s, they open the actual box to type the review into.

Why is’s link generator so great?

Because it’s easy to use and their page explains not only why you need reviews, but how to use the generator and what you need to get the best results. In short, they answer most of your questions before you have them!

The more I check in with the page, the more good things I see. They now offer you a link to a review box that opens with 5 stars prefilled (!!), a long link, a short link, and an option of sending the info via email to yourself or your developer. They ALSO now offer a link to your current Google Business reviews, so you can send that to your clients as well (yet another good thing you want to use in your marketing efforts!).

Screenshot from's Google review link generator results for Pet Sitter SEO

How can I use a link to encourage reviews?

Send the review link to current clients to encourage them to review you, and send the link to the list of reviews to potential clients. I suggest sending both of these via email or through your client software to make it easier for your clients.

ANOTHER NOTE: Google likes to see consistency with reviews, so make sure your reviews do not all arrive in a clump, then nothing for a year. Try to spread them out.

Bottom Line

You need reviews to present to potential clients and so the search engines can use them. has a great Google Business review link generator which is easy, powerful, and offers many options. It’s my go-to tool for requesting reviews, and I think you’ll love it too!

If you need help setting up a Google Business listing, or creating review links, or for any other website service, please email me at or phone or text me on 732 820-0103.