Do you ever wonder if anyone, anyone at all, ever looks at your site? Like, EVER? Don’t you wish there were a tool for tracking the activity on your website for you to view, whenever? I found it for you. (!!)

What exactly IS Google Analytics?

Google Analytics (GA) is a free tool that connects to your website and immediately begins tracking everyone who visits, and collects tons of info on them. Their tracking includes what pages are visited, how long visitors are on each page, bounce rates, countries / cities that visit, and so much more. I’m quite impressed by their demographics info: Tracking chart showing gender breakdown

How does tracking this info help me with my site?

You need this info to be able to change your site to suit your audience. For example, if you’re in Chicago, but most of your visits are from Naperville, you need to change something. If you notice most of your visitors are viewing your site on mobile, you should make sure your contact info is clickable. And if you see most visitors are coming to your site on a Monday, maybe have more for them on that day, or post something something on another day so they come back.

How may I get Google Analytics?

GA is a free tool (yay Google!) that can be installed easily on most sites. Once installed, it tracks all incoming and outgoing traffic without your having to adjust it. Most hosts provide links to installation directions (like DreamHost’s page ) or if you have a WordPress site, you can see generic directions here.

Is there a GA app?

Yes! If you don’t have time to log in on your desktop to see analytics every day / week / month, there is an Android app and an iPhone app that provide you with most info.

Does GA provide free reports?

Yes! If you’d prefer receiving GA reports via email, they have a nice setup for that. And yes those reports are totally FREE.

Bottom line

Google Analytics is an essential tool for tracking the activity on your website. It provides a graphic representation of all traffic to your site, and shows you tons of info you should use to shape your site to gain the best visitors.

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