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Love your website design? Worked hard on getting it to look the way you like? Want to sleep well at nights, knowing that it isn’t going away? We’ve got your backup plan!

Hosts are great, but they’re not foolproof. I’ve heard stories that resulted in sites going offline, and the hosts not being able to restore them. This doesn’t happen often, but wouldn’t you feel better knowing you’re covered? That you have your own copy of your website’s files? We’ve got you covered!

What’s a website backup?

All websites are a collection of individual files, including a database. These files are the building blocks of your web presence. Without  them, your website just won’t exist. : (

A backup is a copy of every file that makes up your website. Every theme, every plugin, every blog post, and in short, every element that makes your site your site.

Most hosts provide backups if they host WordPress websites*, but there have been problems with them. Infrequent, but it has happened.

By saving your website’s files on your own, to your own location, you make sure that your site is saved. Between what your host offers and your own backup, you’re covered.

Why would you want your site backed up?

Having your site backed up is a good safety feature. It just means that if your host’s backup fails, you’re covered.

You may decide to change hosts. If that happens, and you decide to keep your site with the same design, you’ll need the files to get set up at another host.

And one final thought: if your host is small, you may want to keep a copy of your site just in case they change their plan, or do something else that makes you want to switch hosts. By having your site backed up on your own, you don’t have to worry that you’ll lose access to the look and feel of your site.

What does the WordPress Backup Plan do?

This service loads a plugin that backs up your website’s files and database to a location under your control (usually DropBox). The backups go there on a daily basis, and you will be alerted via email each time a backup is downloaded. This means that you will have a full copy of your website just in case.

If there’s a problem with your site, you can send those files to a developer who’ll help you restore your site or help you migrate to a new hosting platform.

These backups do not affect the behavior or visibility of your website. And they are not foolproof either, but provide an extra layer of protection.

This service will:

Set up periodic backups of all website files and databases by installing and customizing a plugin on your site

Notes: access to your website’s dashboard is needed, as is access to a DropBox account (or I will set one up and hand all control over to you)

WordPress Backup Plan is $50 for installation.

This is a one-time fee, with no ongoing charges.  Suggested service: Gmail integration

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